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Ready to make tomorrow more sustainable together?

Our trip starts now and will bring you through 3 decisive steps !


Are you a social business or a NGO?

Up to 30% of our time is dedicated to working alongside social businesses and NGOs to help them promote their initiatives through creative videos.

Because spreading the word about your mission will attract your tribe and contribute to a better world!


Are you a company ?

We offer corporate companies our skills and expertise in delivering creative video content to help their business thrive.

Our team of experts will work with you to comprehend your specific needs and offer innovative solutions for your corporate videos. Thanks to the profits made from our partnerships, we will be able to help social businesses and NGOs benefit from our expertise at preferential prices!

By working with hubspace.social you are thus making a real difference by helping others solve social and environmental issues.

Involve people around your purpose through our network of social innovation hubs accross Europe and Asia! Together we can change the world!

MakeSense helps social entrepreneurs to promote their purpose through their huge community accross the world.

Logo jeveuxchangerlemonde.org

Jeveuxchangerlemonde.org was born as an adventure between friends to share the stories of the ones making tomorrow more sustainable. We hope to inspire people through a series of filmed interviews highlighting great initiatives for a better world in fields like social entrepreneurship, environment, education, politics, woman’s right, agriculture, transportation, etc…

Convergences World Forum is a key event for all the professionals who seek innovative solutions to fight poverty in the world.

Hive Arena is a tech for good community based in Seoul – South Korea – gathering awesome geeks to help develop social projects.

HEYGROUND is a Seoul based community of people who are contributing to making our society a better place in their unique ways.

Soon, we want to be able to help you increase your impact. Stay tuned for more info.


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