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Seeing the big picture and realizing that all of our actions have an impact on society. We therefore must maximize the positive side of it and try to scale the impact. Affected by the Overview Effect, we are eternal optimists and aim to defend good values.

Our goal is to build a sustainable model that will grow awareness around social and environmental initiatives developed around the world.

Because we want social businesses and NGOs’ initiatives to have more impact, we developed a model that will enable corporate companies to help make tomorrow more sustainable by using the profit made from our partnerships to help social businesses and NGOs benefit from our expertise at preferential prices.

Our journey begun with jeveuxchangerlemonde.org, an adventure that was born from the desire to share the initiatives of the people that are shaping the world of tomorrow.

Through our weekly filmed interviews we had the chance to meet inspiring people who shared their views of the issues our world is facing, their strong will and their optimism.

This project made us realize we wanted to do more to help these social entrepreneurs in a sustainable way. That’s why we created hubspace.social!

Meet the crew

Jules Blanchard

Jules Blanchard


Voyager II mission

Bernard Bontemps

Bernard Bontemps


Spirit mission


Khang Nguyen Trieu


Juno mission


Clémence de Ligny


Discovery Mission

Photo CV NJ v2

Nathan Jecko


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